DavidBWDavid Laginha Pinto Correia 
PhD candidat in Forest Sciences at U. Laval. (2015 – )
Supervised with Frédéric Raulier (U. Laval) et Mathieu Bouchard (Direction de la recherche forestière, Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs)
Project : Integrating indicators based on functional diversity of forest stands in forest management.

Caroline Gagné

PhD Candidate in Biology at UQAM. (2015 – )
Supervised with Christian Messier (UQAM/UQO) and Frederick Doyon (UQO)
Project: Influence of functional traits, past disturbances, and global changes on forest resilience and production of ecological services.

Paul Mayrand
MSc student in Biology at U. Montréal. (2014 – )
Supervised with Patrick James (U. Montréal)
Project: Modelling the development of spatial genetic structure during range expansion: the case of the mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae)


Former students

Rebecca Tittler, Postdoctoral researcher (2015-2016)
Supervised with Christian Messier (UQAM/UQO)
‎Projects: Forest management for multiple ecological services; Landscape-scale impacts of partial cutting on ecological services.

Sophie Carpentier, MSc Biology 2015, UQAM
Supervised with Christian Messier (UQAM/UQO) and Tanya Handa (UQAM)
Thesis: Ecological services and forest management: towards a new approach for private woodlots in southern Quebec


Undergraduate assistants

Olivier Vincent, Electrical engineering at Polytechnique (2017)
Anie Paré-Rivard, Ecology at Sherbrooke U. (2017)
Evan Chmilar,
Math-Physics at McGill U. (2016)
Thomas Davignon, Math-Physics at U. Montréal (2013 and 2015)
Roger-Michaël Deschênes, Mathematics at U. Montréal (2015)
Jasmin Kroese, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at McGill U. (2014)